About Us :-

The facilities available for manufacturing PCBís are Photo Lamination, CNC Drilling, CNC Routing, HAL, SMOBC, FBT, BBT, etc.

KEY CONTROL is specialized in designing and manufacturing Membrane Key Boards as per clientís specifications. The designing is totally computerized. The manufacturing facilities include the best printing setup, enabling quality, volume, and timely production and deliveries. The Membrane Keyboards are available in Flexible and Rigid varieties with Tactile and non-Tactile effect. The Front panel can be supplied with selective matt, gloss, matt-gloss, embossed finishes using special printing process. Metal dome switches are available in different pressures to suit clientís requirement.

Latest Products

  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Key Control manufactures PCBís from simple Single Sided up-to very high density PTH.

  • Flexible Membrane Keypads
  • A Flexible Membrane Keypad has two screen printed polyester films with conductive ink.